Recent observation situation

IoT device observation status as of May 2024

Observation outline

Total number of
IoT devices monitored

126 million cases/month

Number of IoT devices monitored at IP addresses of participating internet service providers

IoT device with ID or password
easy to guess

14,722 cases/month

Device whose administration authority is likely to be taken over or that is likely to be involved in a cyberattack because an ID or password easy to guess is used

IoT device with
firmware vulnerability

17,900 cases

Device that has a risk of being illegally used by a third party because the firmware has not been updated to the latest version

Number of IoT devices
found to have been
infected with malware

2,630cases max./day

IoT device suspected of being infected with Mirai. It is likely to have been involved in a cyberattack.

*IP addresses may be added up in duplicate if some fluctuate.
*Maximum value per day in the month is shown.

Statistics of detected deviecs

Type of device that has ID/password
that is easy to guess