The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), and the ICT Information Sharing and Analysis Center Japan (ICT-ISAC) , in cooperation with Internet service providers (ISPs), are carrying out a project called "National Operation Towards IoT Clean Environment (NOTICE)” to investigate vulnerable IoT devices which have weak ID and password settings and may be exploited for cyberattacks, and to alert users to any problems found. Furthermore, MIC, NICT, and ICT-ISAC are making use of a project by NICT called "Network Incident analysis Center for Tactical Emergency Response (NICTER)” to alert users of IoT devices detected to be infected with malware.
For further details about these projects, please see the outline document

Progress on the projects as of January 2024 is as follows.

  • 82 ISPs have completed the procedure to participate in the project.
  • About 112 million IP addresses belonging to the ISPs above were investigated.
  • NOTICE: 5,443 targets were detected and ISPs have been notified.
  • NICTER: 939 (daily avg.) targets were detected and ISPs have been notified.

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